Finnan Financial Limited

"A good Banking relationship is vital to the success and profitability of any business enterprise. That relationship should entail the customer being fully au-fait with all Interest and Fee charging arrangements, and being aware of how Interest and Fees are calculated."

Unfortunately for you, the customer, very few people outside of the Banking industry understand Banks and how they make their profits. Quite frequently business people do not understand how Charges, Fees and Interest accrue and often sign Facility Letters without reading or understanding the small print.

This is where Finnan Financial come in.

Central to our approach in dealing with the Banks on behalf of our clients is to ensure that a good Banker/Customer relationship is retained while at the same time ensuring that value is added to the customer’s bottom line on an annual basis.

Banking is now a very competitive industry, Bankers are mindful of this and are more prepared than heretofore to meet their client’s requirements in order to ensure that the Banking relationship continues.